Masks, six feet of social distancing, and health concerns make exchanging information following an accident more than a little unnerving. However, we can still gather all of the necessary information quickly and safely.

At Seattle Injury Law, we suggest:

  1. Ask the other driver to put both their insurance card and their driver’s license on an even area of the vehicle or flat on the ground. Take a picture of each. Be sure to get close enough so the details are readable.
  2. Take photographs or videos of the damage of your vehicle and the other vehicle.
  3. If the accident was the other driver’s fault, request their permission to record a video of them admitting that they caused the accident.
  4. Call the police and request that they come to the scene.
  5. Call our Seattle office for a consultation in a way that makes you comfortable. We can either meet in the office, over zoom, Facetime, or telephone. Our staff adheres to guidelines issued by the State on the use of masks and other safety equipment. Our offices are cleaned and sanitized daily.

Our team of personal injury lawyers will take care of you.

First and foremost, the Seattle Injury Law team will get to work on outlining a plan to get you physically well through safe and appropriate medical care. Then we will contact the insurance companies and start the case on your behalf.

As always, our consultations and case evaluations are free, and we welcome you to call us for free advice on your car accident case. You’ll be glad you did! We’re here to help!

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