Can people get hurt from a low-speed car accident? 

People don’t realize it, but they can get injured from even car accidents that happen at low speeds. It can be incredibly frustrating and frightening to be injured in a car accident, especially when you are dealing with medical expenses and lost wages on top of everything. However, it can be difficult for someone to tackle a personal injury claim without the help of a professional personal injury attorney. This is especially true when you are seeking compensation for a low-speed car accident. It can be difficult to prove your case and get the compensation that you need, and so you should get the help of our team here at Seattle Injury Law. 

Should I settle with the Insurance Company? 

Insurance companies often try to give victims as little compensation as possible, and this is especially true for low-speed car accidents. Because insurance companies tend to debate the validity of those cases, it can make them highly contentious. However, as a Seattle car accident attorney firm with many years of experience in handling cases just like yours, we are well-prepared to help you. We have seen everything, and know how to help. In many situations, people that get injuries in low-speed car accidents can experience the same amount of pain that victims of higher-speed crashes do. That’s why you should reach out to Seattle Injury Law if you were in a low-speed car accident.

So what exactly constitutes a low-speed accident? 

Usually, accidents where one of the vehicles involved was traveling at ten miles per hour or slower would be classified as a low-speed car accident. One common type of low-speed car accident happens when a car stops at an intersection and another vehicle hits into them from behind (a rear-end collision). 

Because of depictions in the media, such as characters faking a back or neck injury or limping exaggeratedly around and groaning, many people think that personal injury fraud is incredibly common. These scenes often depict devious characters and are played for comedy, but personal injuries from accidents in real life are no laughing matter. Insurance companies want people to think that injury fraud is common, but it really isn’t that prolific. When it comes to victims of low-speed personal injury car accidents, insurance companies will point to visible property damage to your vehicle and the speeds of the vehicles involved in the crash to try and downplay the injuries you suffered. They’ll say if your car isn’t wrecked, then you must be fine. However, this simply is not the reality of many people’s situations. Don’t let yourself get gaslit by an insurance company and accept an extremely low offer. 

What type of injuries can happen if I was hit at a slow-speed accident? 

One of the most common injuries that people get in low-speed car accidents is whiplash injuries. When low-speed collisions cause injuries, it usually affects the neck, back, head, chest, and/or shoulders. Low-speed car accidents, particularly rear-end collisions, can cause whiplash injuries. Whiplash happens when a force causes the head to sharply jerk back and forth. This ends up causing damage in the neck such as ligament, nerve, muscle, and tendon tears. Hopefully you never have to deal with a whiplash injury

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