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What happens if you are Injured To and From Work?

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What happens when you are injured in a car accident while on the job? For many people, it can be confusing to navigate the intersection between labor and industries (AKA workers’ compensation) and auto insurance. 

It’s smart to sign the third-party election form. L&I will offer to take care of your accident claim, but this would be a mistake. L&I wants to settle cases quickly, with the minimum compensation possible. They only want to recover enough to pay for the medical bills they covered for you. However, there is a way to use L&I to pay your medical expenses while still pursuing your case. 

Hire a Seattle attorney to make sure you get full compensation Seattle Injury Law can handle your case, including speaking with Labor and Industries, negotiating with insurance companies, and communicating with the involved medical providers. We can compensate you for pain and suffering, wage loss, and medical expenses. Our team knows how confusing, frustrating, and daunting L&I cases can be. Speak with us at our office about your case. We are here to help people like you.

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Our experienced legal experts specialize in handling car accident injury cases. We provide clients in and around Seattle with personalized legal advice and representation. 

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How did L&I come into play when I was injured in a car accident while on the job? 

When a worker gets injured at work, Labor and Industries is supposed to pay for their medical bills. But what about when the worker was injured on the road, possibly on the way to work? In simple terms, L&I will pay for your medical bills during your treatment. Seattle Injury Law will get you a settlement against the at-fault driver in addition to that. 

We know how to navigate the overlap between the parties involved so you won’t have to worry about it. You should focus on getting the treatment that you need, so you can heal and get back to your regular life. Our office will work with the insurance companies, medical offices, and other key players to resolve cases. 

L&I Car Accident Lawyers

What exactly is a 3rd party election form? 

The injury victim signs third-party election forms, and they inform L&I that the injured individual will be pursuing their claim. You should consult with your personal injury attorney, sign the form, and return it to L&I. The Labor and Industries contract says that L&I gets paid back some of the money expended on a case. When you hire your attorney, you can control how much money they get back and how much you get. When the injured person hires an attorney, this automatically lowers the amount of money that goes to L&I. Careful decision-making can allow you to have our team get you a higher settlement and lower the amount that you have to pay Labor and Industries. It’s a win-win situation for you.

L&I Car Accident Lawyers

L&I Car Accident Lawyers

Why is seeking medical care important? 

There are multiple reasons why it’s important that you get medical treatment for your L&I injuries. 

1- The most obvious reason is that it will help you heal. We want to get you feeling better again so that you don’t have to deal with severe pain and the claims process. Seattle Injury Law wants our clients to get the best care possible while we resolve your claim. 

2- When you get treatment, it helps you get official documentation of your injuries. This is very important evidence when it comes to calculating a claim’s value. Insurance companies, as well as juries, want to see that you are trying to get better and heal. A paper trail is foundational to proving your case. 

Plaintiffs are supposed to try and mitigate their damages, and this means doing their best to get well if they have been injured. Injury victims can seek treatment from professionals such as physical therapists, general practitioners, orthopedic doctors, surgeons, massage therapists, chiropractors, and more. Quickly getting medical treatment can help you heal properly and reduce long-term symptoms. When Labor and Industries is involved in your claim and will pay for your medical bills, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t seek out the care you deserve.

At Seattle Injury Law, we achieve excellent results for personal injury victims. We will fight for you and win. The people at our firm understand the difficulties that victims struggle with, and we make it a priority to communicate with clients frequently. We professionally represent your best interests so you can get a favorable outcome.