Heather Edson

Paralegal Expertise Meets Community Heart

Litigation Paralegal

Navigating Legal Challenges with Heather Edson: A Life of Professionalism and Passion

Heather Edson’s distinguished career as a litigation paralegal spans over 28 years, marked by an exceptional skill set in managing complex litigation cases from inception through trial and settlement. Throughout her tenure at various reputable firms, Heather has provided invaluable civil litigation support, demonstrating a profound capability in drafting, reviewing, and organizing legal documents and maintaining critical communications with clients, defense counsel, and adjusters. Her proficiency extends to utilizing major office and legal research software, embodying a commitment to quality, accuracy, and efficiency.

Beyond her professional achievements, Heather’s life is deeply intertwined with her community, pets, and various outdoor activities. A resident of Puyallup, WA, she channels her love for the local community through five years of volunteering at the King County Bar Association Legal Clinics, alongside cherishing moments with her daughter, two dogs (Maggie and Milo), a cat, and a turtle she’s had for 34 years. Heather thrives in the social landscape, reveling in travel, and boating—a passion since her childhood—hiking, paddleboarding, and many other activities that reflect her dynamic and engaging lifestyle.

Heather’s biography paints a picture of a highly skilled professional who balances her demanding career with a rich personal life. Her dedication to her work, vibrant social life, and commitment to community service exemplify a harmonious blend of professional excellence and personal fulfillment. Whether navigating the complexities of the legal system or enjoying her happy place on the water during summer, Heather’s story is one of dedication, passion, and a deep-seated love for life’s varied experiences.


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