Car accident news of a fatality on Ship Canal Bridge in Seattle, May 2022

A driver recently died in a car crash after being launched off of Ship Canal Bridge, according to prosecutors. The man was named Jordan Shelley, and he was only twenty-three years old when another driver allegedly smashed into his disabled car, sending him flying off of Ship Canal Bridge and plummeting into Lake Union. The Seattle man who allegedly was responsible for causing the crash that resulted in the death of one person has been charged with reckless driving and vehicular homicide. The suspect, Justin Yang Kuo, is twenty-two years old. The prosecutor’s office of King County filed charges against him on the 26th of May. 

The fatal crash happened on Tuesday the 24th at around 4:30 in the morning. Jordan Shelley, who worked as an EMT, was on his way to work when he started experiencing car trouble. Shelley responsibly pulled his car over to the shoulder of the road on Interstate Five before calling his girlfriend and asking for her assistance. When Kuo allegedly crashed into Shelley’s disabled vehicle, he was driving southbound on I-5. When the crash happened, Shelley was standing outside of his car. Police reports say that the impact launched Shelley over the guard railing, which sent him falling about 180 feet down into Lake Union. 

According to documents of probable cause, the account of what happened that Kuo gave to a Washington State Patrol trooper was that the car driving in front of him suddenly shifted to the left. He says that he looked down to adjust the settings of his radio, and then crashed into Shelley’s car. A trooper noticed that Kuo seemed impaired, and Kuo later confessed to law enforcement that he had drunk three or four alcoholic lemonades before the crash occurred. Kuo got a breathalyzer test at the scene, and it indicated that his blood alcohol volume was above the legal limit, which is .08%. Before the crash, Kuo says that he was driving between 65 and 70 miles per hour. 

A dive team from the Seattle Police Department conducted a search for Shelley beneath the bridge, and found his body at a depth of around 25 to 30 feet underwater, police said. Based on the wounds found on the body, prosecutors believe that Shelley died in the crash, before falling off the bridge. Because of the crash, I-5 was shut down for over three hours on the morning of the accident. 

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