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Car accidents occur frequently, often causing injury. Seattle Injury Law represents hundreds of victims of motor vehicle accidents annually, helping them achieve fair compensation for the pain, medical treatment costs, wage loss, and time away from friends and family that an accident causes.

We know how to effectively convey to the insurance companies all of the information and arguments necessary for the successful resolution of a car accident case. We fight to stand up for you, the victim, against the large corporation.

Without a skilled car accident lawyer, the insurance company knows the victim is powerless to do anything but accept their low offer. When you hire us, the game changes. Let us take it from here.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and transportation to our office is challenging, we will meet in the place most convenient for you- call us now to connect on how we can help you.

Car Accident Lawyer Seattle

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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accident Injuries

What should I do following an accident?

When youre involved in an accident, its important to handle it correctly.


  • Call the police
  • Gather the name and address of the other party
  • Obtain the insurance company and policy number of the other party
  • Call Seattle Injury Law and seek medical care for your injuries. No preferred doctor? Not a worry- our office can refer you to an office adept at specializing in healing injuries just like yours.
Can I afford an attorney?

Our office works on contingency fee, so we are all in on your case, and were in it together. The initial consultation is free, and we advance costs associated with your case. At the end, we get paid when you do, making it a true win-win. With our fee structure, youll never have to worry whether or not were hard at work on your case. Its not whether you can afford an attorney, its whether you can afford not to?

Why is it a bad idea to handle my case on my own?

Insurance companies know that without an attorney, you are powerless to do anything aside from accept their offer to resolve your claim. The offer will be low- insurance companies train their adjusters to settle claims quickly and cheaply, saving the company money by taking advantage of the injured victim. Reach us now and let our experience car accident lawyers take it from here.

How do insurance companies operate?

Insurance companies are among the largest companies in America- just watch a major sports event and count how many commercials youll see. The truth is, insurance companies are mega-corporations who take in as much as possible on policy premiums and pay as little as possible on claims. This is a recipe for huge profit margins, which is exactly how a corporation thinks and does business. Call us today and let us level the playing field!

How much is my case worth?

There are several factors in value for a personal injury claim, with the driving factor being how badly youre hurt. The simple answer on value is that our office will have a great feel at the initial intake meeting for the potential of your claim, and will have the value pinned before we engage in settlement negotiations with the insurance company. Whatever your case is worth, you can bet we will fight tooth and nail to collect every dollar.

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Everyone is very nice. They called me and let me know what was going on once a month. They answered every question I had with the up most knowledge. They got more money than I was expecting to get back.

Nick Lewis

Car Accident Lawyers

Accidents are painful, traumatic, and stressful. Within hours of the accident, the insurance adjuster is calling asking for recorded statements, minimizing your injuries, and using other tactics adjusters are trained on at a corporate level to settle your claim as quick and cheap as possible, and before you know you’re injured.

Seattle Injury Law will handle your personal injury case from head to toe and beginning to end. Your only job as a client is to simply get the care that makes you feel better. Seattle Injury Law will handle the rest.
Unsure if you have a case? We’ll be happy to walk you through your options at no cost.