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Many people use public transportation to get to school or work every morning. In general, data has shown that riding a bus is safer than driving a car. But, where should you start if you get injured in a bus accident?

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Bus Accident Lawyer in Seattle

The first thing you should do is reach out to a Seattle bus accident lawyer as soon as possible. Talking to Seattle Injury Law’s lawyers about your case is free. We will listen to your situation and determine your claim’s value. Filing a personal injury claim is the way that you can get compensation. Although a settlement cannot fix all the damage, it can help cover the financial expenses that resulted from your accident. 

Bus accident cases can be complicated. They are usually more complex than a regular car accident claim. Firstly, bus accident injuries are often worse than the average auto accident injury. The more medical expenses incurred, the more your claim is worth. The more your claim is worth, the harder the insurance company will fight against giving you what you’re entitled to. In a bus accident, there are often multiple parties at fault. You need professionals to figure out who is responsible so that you can seek out compensation from all the sources available. 

Bus Accident Law Firm

In a bus accident, the government might be partially at fault. If you were struck by a school bus or a public bus, it’s possible that you could have to file your claim against a governmental agency. If you fail to do things properly when it comes to timelines and procedures, then your claim could be thrown out. Another factor complicating bus accident injury claims is that often multiple people were injured in the crash. All of these victims could be trying to file a claim against the same parties as you.

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Because of all the parties and moving parts involved in bus accident cases, you need to have an experienced personal injury attorney handle your claim. Seattle Injury Law’s compassionate attorneys will ensure that your best interests are represented throughout the claims process. Because there could be more than one party at fault, allow Seattle Injury Law to figure things out. We can figure out who is liable for your property damage, pain, suffering, wage loss, and medical expenses. Some of the people potentially to-blame for a bus accident include the bus company, the bus driver, a government agency, another driver, a manufacturer, or a mechanic. 

Bus Accident Lawyers

Even if it was you that was partially to-blame for the accident, you can still recover some compensation for your injuries. Washington State is considered a comparative fault state, which means that parties can carry a fraction of the liability. Seattle Injury Law’s attorneys can explain all of this to you so you understand how it works, and will determine how this applies to your situation.

Bus Injury Lawyers in Seattle

If you were injured in a bus accident caused by another party, then you can seek compensation for a variety of damages. One of the main types of compensation people get is to cover medical expenses. This can include things such as ongoing care, physical therapy costs, prescription costs, emergency room care expenses, and more. You can also seek compensation from lost wages if your injury made you have to take time off of work, or lowered your earning capacity. If you had to hire someone to help with childcare or landscaping while you took time to recover, you can also get compensation for these special services.

It is important that claims take pain and suffering of the victim into account when calculating damages. Settlements can acknowledge the pain and trauma that you have suffered, as well as the disruption to your life the accident caused. Unfortunately, when a bus accident leads to wrongful death, a claim might also seek compensation for funeral expenses. If a loved one did not survive the crash, then there are different types of damages you can file for in comparison to an accident injury case. Our experienced attorneys can assess your case and figure out its value. We will figure out a fair settlement amount and handle your case for you. 

To find out if our Seattle bus accident lawyers can help, reach out to us for a free consultation. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have. If you are unable to travel, we can come to you. We will meet you wherever is most comfortable for you, to make the process less stressful.