Angela Foster

Dedicated to the intricacies of litigation and a deep commitment to advocating for those in need.


Angela’s journey in the legal field is marked by a significant tenure at the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., where she honed her skills over five years, tackling complex cases with a keen eye for detail and a robust approach to justice.

Following her impactful service at the federal level, Angela transitioned to the private sector, contributing two valuable years at Lane Powell, a renowned law firm in Seattle. This experience not only broadened her expertise but also deepened her understanding of the regional legal landscape. This unique perspective enriches her approach to serving her clients at Sears Injury Law, enabling her to anticipate and navigate the challenges her clients may face with unmatched precision.

Beyond her professional achievements, Angela is driven by a profound passion for serving individuals and families in her community. She believes in the power of the legal system as a force for good and strives to ensure that her clients receive the justice and support they deserve. 

Angela’s dedication to justice and community service extends beyond her professional endeavors. She has volunteered for The Associates Campaign for the past two years, an initiative supporting the Legal Foundation of Washington. This vital campaign focuses on funding legal aid throughout Washington state, ensuring that those in need have access to crucial legal services. Angela’s involvement in this campaign underscores her belief in the importance of accessible legal support and her commitment to fostering a community where justice is within reach for everyone. Her contributions to The Associates Campaign reflect her broader vision of a legal profession that serves not only its clients but also the community at large, reinforcing her role as a compassionate advocate and a community leader at Sears Injury Law.

Personal Interests Away from the Office

Outside the office, Angela cherishes spending quality time outdoors with her family. She, her wife, two young children, and their small brown dog, Potato, are often found exploring the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. This love for the outdoors is a testament to Angela’s belief in balance and well-being, which she brings to her practice at Sears Injury Law.

With Angela Foster on the Sears Injury Law team, clients can expect a lawyer who is not only deeply knowledgeable and experienced but also genuinely compassionate and dedicated to their well-being. Angela’s blend of professional expertise and personal commitment to justice makes her a formidable advocate for those seeking legal representation.

Awards & Honors

Angela Foster Recognized by Best Lawyers as a 2024 Best Lawyers One to Watch. 


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