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PIP (Personal Injury Protection) covers medical treatment more broadly

PIP (Personal Insurance Protection) – covers medical treatment more broadly

In Washington State, auto insurance companies are required to offer PIP,  though the coverage itself is optional amog motorists.

Personal Injury Protection is an important way to pay for the services that you need. Personal injury attorneys recommend that patients double check, and even triple check, that in their auto insurance policy, on the declaration page, PIP is listed. If it is not listed, then you should make sure that it gets added. 

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Do I need PIP?

PIP is highly beneficial because it is able to cover medical treatment in a more broad way than lots of health insurance policies do. In Washington state, the minimum amount that is mandatory for auto insurers to provide is $10,000. This means that PIP will offer at least $10,000. When it comes to PIP, there is no distinction between out-of-network and in-network providers, fewer restrictions on what care is covered, no deductibles, no annual visit limitations, and no co-pays. According to the Washington Administrative Code and the Revised Code of Washington (which are the rules and statutes that set in place the legal standards for fair, equitable, and prompt settlements by insurance companies for PIP claims), a bill that is submitted through PIP can only be denied in situations where the treatment is not related to the accident, not reasonable, not necessary, or if the treatment occurs over three years after when the accident occurred. These are the only reasons why hospitals and medical services under PIP can be limited, terminated, or denied. 

Who is covered on PIP?

PIP covers any people that are listed on the auto insurance policy, in addition to any household members. All passengers that were in the insured car are covered, as well as cyclists or pedestrians that were involved in the car accident. Furthermore, patients are not limited to only one layer of PIP coverage. PIP comes in as another layer of coverage if the patient already has their own auto policy. Depending on what the specific situation is, it is possible that there could be multiple PIP layers available. This is determined based on the patient’s role in the crash (cyclist, pedestrian, driver, passenger, or owner), as well as their own policy. If you are unsure about your potential PIP coverage, then it is important to reach out to an expert personal injury lawyer. 


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