Nadene Sallis

Unleashing her passion for justice, Nadene emerges as a tireless defender of individuals facing adversity.

Intake Specialist

With a remarkable background in the insurance industry, Nadene’s journey led her to our doorstep, fueled by years of dedicated service in providing top-tier insurance coverage to safeguard people’s well-being in the face of accidents or injuries.

Nadene Sallis is a fierce advocate for injured people. Nadene came to us after years of selling the best insurance policies to ensure that people are protected in the event of an accident or injury. 

Nadene has taken this passion into the personal injury space, acting as our insurance specialist. If someone is unsure what a coverage means or if they have a certain element of insurance, Nadene is the resource to ask. 

Always a friendly face and voice, Nadene also helps meet with new clients and fully educates them on their rights for their case, the best treatment to seek, and how to ensure their case is resolved at the highest level. When Nadene isn’t in the office, she enjoys the beauty of her native Washington State, often with her wonderful son and daughter. 


Our Client Reviews

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