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Car Accident Injury vs Insurance



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Car Accident Injury vs Insurance



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Car Accident Injury vs Insurance



Slip & Fall Injury vs Grocery Store



Pedestrian Injury



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Pedestrian Injury

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You don’t need to fight your battles alone. We are determined to help you through your personal injury case. That includes connecting you with the best medical specialists in the Puget Sound area. We have a broad network of professionals who specialize in treating personal injury cases.

Reach out to us today and we can schedule a free lawyer consultation to help you explore your potential case. We are eager to work with you so you can succeed.

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Car Accident Injury

Car accidents occur frequently, often causing injury. Seattle Injury Law represents hundreds of victims of motor vehicle accidents annually, helping them achieve fair compensation for the pain, medical treatment costs, wage loss, and time away from friends and family that an accident causes.

We know how to effectively convey to the insurance companies all of the information and arguments necessary for successful resolution of a car accident injury case. We fight to stand up for you, the victim, against the large corporation. Without a skilled attorney, the insurance company knows the victim is powerless to do anything but accept their low offer. When you hire us, the game changes. Let us take it from here.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and transportation to our office is challenging, we will meet in the place most convenient for you- call us now to connect on how we can help you.

What to do after a car accident? What to Look for in a Car Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident

Unlike car accidents, the rider of a motorcycle is left unprotected by the outer shell and seat of an automobile. Often times, these unpredictable accidents cause catastrophic injury to the rider, who is often struck with the force of a car or truck. We take these cases seriously.

Our office represents victims of motorcycle accidents frequently, achieving excellent results in compensation from the insurance company of the at-fault party. We encourage you to call us for a free consultation and case value analysis if you’ve involved in motorcycle accident so that you can ensure your current, and more importantly, your future health, is represented in any settlement or jury verdict from the insurance company.

If you’ve been injured and rendered immobile, no need to travel to our office- we will meet where it’s most convenient for you.

What to do After a Motorcycle Accident Motorcycle Accidents and Insurance

Pedestrian Accidents

Tragically, thousands of people are injured each year in and around the Seattle area simply walking the streets. Pedestrians are left with no protection from the forces of accidents, and are typically severely injured when drivers are negligent.

If you are involved in a Pedestrian Accident, you’ll need a skilled advocate to take on the insurance companies, who will work through their trained adjusters to minimize the amount of money they have to pay. Without hiring an attorney, these large corporations know you have two options- accept their offer or keep the claim open. When the injured victim hires Seattle Injury Law, the tables re-set and the insurance company knows we can file a lawsuit on your behalf, taking it out of their hands and into the hands of your peers to achieve results that are fair and representative of the pain and costs of your accident, both current and future.

Choosing the Right Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer


The most serious of all personal injury accidents result in death. When this occurs, managing the stress and weight of the financial specifics is the last thing a family should have to go through. We believe strongly that a family shouldn’t have to bear the weight of making sure the claim is handled correctly. Sadly, insurance companies do not look out for victims, even when they result in death, and their adjusters and defense attorneys will fight hard to minimize the compensation to the grieving family. Our office is experienced in taking the burden off of the family and doing everything related to handling of the wrongful death claim, including setting up trust accounts, structured settlements, and being sure all loved ones are compensated at the highest level for the loss to their family.

If this is you, we extend our most heartfelt condolences to your family. Remember, talking to us is free, and we are happy to lend any help we can. Reach us now to connect.

Choosing the Right Attorney for your Wrongful Death Case

dog bite injuries

Although most people love dogs, negligent ownership and control often leads to tragic accidents from dogs biting innocent people. Dog bites are often serious and result in physical injuries, including scarring and reconstruction of injured body parts. Our office works with some of the top plastic surgeons in the country if the need for scar fixation is required. Further, victims of dog bite injuries often and understandably suffer injuries that go beneath the skin, including fear, anxiety, and the need for emotional support and counseling. This is especially true of children. Our office can and will help with all of the above, to make sure that first and foremost, you have access to the highest level of medical and emotional care, and secondly, to make sure you are fairly compensated for all you’ve been through.

If you’ve been injured by a dog bite, help is available. Call or email us now and let us take it from here.

Finding the Right Dog Bite Injury Attorney


We take brain injuries very, very seriously. As awareness continues to grow, our field is making leaps and bounds in both medical resources to victims and in the court system through us, where these cases are now getting the recognition they deserve, in large part due to the NFL and CTE. In an age where information is key, we are happy to see word spreading of the dangers of concussions and other traumatic brain injuries.

Unfortunately, insurance companies take advantage of people everyday who settle their brain injury cases quickly and cheaply, unaware of the long term affects of concussions and TBIs. To prevent this from happening to you, call us today to discuss your case and its value free of charge. We’ll look out for you when the insurance corporations won’t.

Choosing the Right Lawyer for Traumatic Brain Injury cases.


Everett is a lovely Pacific Northwest community located to the north of Seattle. It began to be settled by loggers in the 1800s and has grown to be the seventh-largest city in Washington. Businesses began establishing themselves in Everett in the 1890s, and when Everett started to be connected to surrounding areas via highway bridges and railways in the 1920s, it transformed into a large commercial hub. Many people live in Everett and commute to cities such as the nearby Seattle for their jobs.
Everett has many amazing destinations for locals and visitors alike, such as Tulalip Resort, the flight museum, a children’s museum, a lighthouse, hiking trails, lush green parks, beautiful beaches, and much more. People feel at home in Everett, and have gorgeous views of the Puget Sound, Mt. Rainier, and forests in the area.


Federal Way is a family community nestled in Pacific Northwest, just south of Seattle. It was settled in the 1800s by a community of loggers and has grown today into one of the ten largest cities in Washington.

Companies like Weyerhaeuser and Boeing contributed to its initial growth, and a thriving community began developing as a result. Because of its fantastic location between Seattle and Tacoma, Federal Way has been a major bridge between the two cities and has been a helpful connection for smaller communities around the Puget Sound.

The city is filled with fantastic experiences for the local community – botanical gardens, the state’s largest theme park, hiking trails, state parks, and an aquatics center which hosted the Olympic trials in 2012. These activities, along with a gorgeous view of both the Olympic mountain range and the Puget Sound make visitors feel at home.

frequently asked questions

What should I do following an accident?

When you’re involved in an accident, it’s important to handle it correctly.

  • Call the police
  • Gather the name and address of the other party
  • Obtain the insurance company and policy number of the other party
  • Call Seattle Injury Law and seek medical care for your injuries. No preferred doctor? Not a worry- our office can refer you to an office adept at specializing in healing injuries just like yours.
Can I afford an attorney?
Our office works on contingency fee, so we are all in on your case, and we’re in it together. The initial consultation is free, and we advance costs associated with your case. At the end, we get paid when you do, making it a true win-win. With our fee structure, you’ll never have to worry whether or not we’re hard at work on your case. It’s not whether you can afford an attorney, it’s whether you can afford not to?
Why is it a bad idea to handle my case on my own?
Insurance companies know that without an attorney, you are powerless to do anything aside from accept their offer to resolve your claim. The offer will be low- insurance companies train their adjusters to settle claims quickly and cheaply, saving the company money by taking advantage of the injured victim. Reach us now and let our experience car accident lawyers take it from here.
How do insurance companies operate?
Insurance companies are among the largest companies in America- just watch a major sports event and count how many commercials you’ll see. The truth is, insurance companies are mega-corporations who take in as much as possible on policy premiums and pay as little as possible on claims. This is a recipe for huge profit margins, which is exactly how a corporation thinks and does business. Call us today and let us level the playing field!
How much is my case worth?
There are several factors in value for a personal injury claim, with the driving factor being how badly you’re hurt. The simple answer on value is that our office will have a great feel at the initial intake meeting for the potential of your claim, and will have the value pinned before we engage in settlement negotiations with the insurance company. Whatever your case is worth, you can bet we will fight tooth and nail to collect every dollar.
How long do I have to settle my claim?
The statute of limitations in Washington for personal injury cases is 3 years from the date of the accident. For minors and children, the statute runs on their 21st birthday.

One exception to the rule is with uninsured or underinsured, where the statute is extended to 6 years. Call us now before the statute becomes an issue?

What if I can’t make it in to your office?
Our Seattle office is directly on Lake Union on Westlake Ave N, but Seattle is a big city. If you can’t make it to our office, we’re happy to meet you where it’s most convenient for you. Among the places we meet people are:

  • Coffee shops
  • Doctors offices
  • Homes
  • Restaurants & Taverns
  • Our Puyallup office

We’re also capable of handling your initial meeting over the phone, Skype, or through Docusign and email. Just reach us today, let us know how you’d like to proceed, and we’ll make it happen.

Do you handle cases outside of Seattle?
Absolutely! We are licensed to handle cases occurring anywhere in Washington State, in both State and Federal Court. If you’ve been injured within the State of Washington, we’re your choice. Call or email us today to let us help you.
What can I expect once you take my case?
Our office prides ourself on communication, service, and results. We handle every detail for you, so that you can simply focus on your treatment and get well. We will check in with you monthly on your case, checking on your injuries ensuring everything is moving forward as it should. Your only job is to follow-up with treatment and inform us of any new care provider you might see. When your treatment has concluded and you’re well, our office will call you with our evaluation of your case and plan for resolution. Once we have your blessing, we get to work on resolving your case at the highest value.


You don’t pay if we don’t win.

We want to see the best outcome for every single client we take on. Our contingency-based approach to personal injury cases means we will invest all our time and expertise in helping your case.

Your free initial consultation is our opportunity to analyze your case and work with you to find the best strategy for winning. We are ready to help you get the best results out of your case. If we don’t win, you don’t pay.

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